Over the past several months, I’ve found myself holding back on writing posts simply because my blog platform does not support the ability to embed code or even change fonts to resemble code, CLI, or working on a terminal. Screen shots are good, but offering the ability to copy and paste is nice, plus it just looks cleaner. This is unacceptable.

Additionally, I have been doing much more with GitHub and markdown. So, after reading what Scott Lowe had done with his migration to Jekyll and GitHub pages, it seemed like that was a great idea. Not only should I be able to improve what I can write, I should be able to decrease the time it takes to write a post. Awesome. The journey shall begin.

Rather than harp on my existing blog platform and that it does not have an export option, I’ve decided not to prolong the process and make this a gradual migration. Going forward, I will be posting the full blog posts at jedelman8.github.io along with ONLY the excerpt at jedelman.com. When you go to continue reading from the excerpt, you’ll then be redirected to the new site. Over time, I really hope to migrate everything to make the user experience better, but that’ll take time. To make things super simple, just keep using jedelman.com! It’ll redirect once the migration is complete.

Thanks Jason

Twitter: @jedelman8