This week was a busy one. I had the opportunity to speak at a local NYC Ansible meetup, to a group of high school computer science students, and then on a panel at AnsibleFest yesterday in New York. Here is a short recap.

NYC Ansible Meetup - Tuesday June 2

Clearly the presentation was about network automation with Ansible. That probably goes without saying since it was an Ansible meetup! I’ve used these slides in other presentations throughout the year, so some are repetitive, but they usually hit some key points on the topic of network automation. Unfortunately, I did not know this was being streamed lived when it took place, but luckily the organizers recorded it too. Link is below.

Note: the presentation doesn’t start until about the 30:30 mark. From there on out, it’s about half presentation and then half live demo of using Ansible for Network Automation.

Here is the link to the video: Network Automation with Ansible

High School Talk - Wednesday June 3

A local high school about 20 mins from where I grew up asked me to come in to talk about a career in IT. The school is the Pascack Valley Regional High School and it is a pretty technologically advanced school in that they’ve been 1:1 with a laptop:student for a few years already. They also have what is called the Pascack period which is for about 88 mins once week where anyone can teach anything they want. This could be outside guests, teachers, or even students. This is pretty awesome and reminds me of the breakout sessions we had at the DevOps4Networks event last October (like DevOps Days open spaces). Not sure the students realize what an opportunity that is though. Anyway, it was definitely hard to talk technology to a younger group and I need to re-think how I would do this given another opportunity.


AnsibleFest NYC 2015 - Networking Panel - Thursday June 4

This was a humbling experience. I had the opportunity to be on a network automation panel with folks such as Nathan Sowatskey (Cisco), Joel King (World Wide Technologies), and Stanley Karunditu (Cumulus Networks) while Tim Gerla (Ansible CTO) moderated in front of a crowd that was over 300 strong. It was great to see a company like Ansible embrace networking and give network folks like us a seat at the table at pretty much a conference that is largely made up of sysadmins and those folks that have been doing DevOps for years already!

If I get any pictures or a link to a recording, I’ll make sure it’s posted here.

Thanks, Jason

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